Advanced OCR software

Created by Kiwis for Kiwis,
helping businesses and consumers to save money on energy

Advanced & proprietary OCR software by Save A Watt

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the technique of converting printed or handwritten text or images to text that a computer can understand and work with. Our proprietary OCR software specialises in scanning power bills or utility bills so our systems can analyse the data and find the best energy deal for businesses and consumers.

Easy for customers

Customers no longer need to go through stacks of power bills to calculate savings. All it takes is uploading the most recent power bill so our software can do its magic.


Any business that is looking to offer a power-saving service to its customers, employees or fans can use a white label version of our OCR software,

Variety of cases

OCR software can be used in a wide variety of situations. It all started with scanning and analysing power bills for Kiwis but the opportunities are endless.

Try out our OCR software in the latest implementation: calculate savings on power in New Zealand when switching to solar energy.

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